Security experts constantly on guard to defend your systems from hackers

24/7 Protection from Every Kind of Online Attack: Can You Afford Not To?

The sad truth is, like other common dangers, when it comes to cyberattacks (e.g., viruses and ransomware) many people take the position of, “That’ll never happen to me.” This attitude is especially dangerous for small business and nonprofit executives, because this leads them to underspend on cybersecurity which, ironically, causes hackers to target them even more. Over half of all cyberattack victims are classified as small businesses. Fortunately, combating these cybercriminals is not difficult, if you have the right allies.

I.N.C.’s cybersecurity experts have been in business for years. We’ve seen it all, and are constantly staying up to date with the newest online threats. To defend your networks, we employ advanced monitoring tools and firewalls to restrict access, and fast-acting anti-malware software to quarantine dangerous programs before they can do real damage. We’ll also put countermeasures in place that protect lesser-known but highly vulnerable cyberattack vectors, like your email inbox and your unwitting employees.

I.N.C.’s cybersecurity services protect you from:

  • Viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, and other malware
  • Newer threats like ransomware
  • Dangerous and inbox-clogging spam
  • Social engineering scams that aim to trick your employees (think “Nigerian Prince”-like scams)
  • Outdated and vulnerable software and hardware; we’ll ensure everything is updated correctly

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