A telephone system that’s as powerful and versatile as you need it to be

Voice Communication That’s Feature-Rich and Cost-Efficient: What’s Not To Like?

There’s a reason we don’t use phone lines for our internet anymore: they can’t handle the amount of information we want to send in the Information Age. The alternative is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) from I.N.C.. This system uses the internet to unify voice, text, email, video-conferencing, and more across all of your devices, mobile and otherwise. High-speed internet does everything a phone line can and much more, so why use them anymore?

Better still, our VoIP solution uses your existing internet connection, so you can ditch the phone bill and all of those long-distance and roaming charges. You can route your calls from your workstation to your mobile device and take calls from anywhere in the world where there is internet, without paying a cent extra. If VoIP sounds a bit complicated, there’s no need to worry. Our technicians will install the system in your office (no new phones are required), educate your staff on how to use it, then continually monitor it for problems and stay on-call to address any issues that you might have.

With a I.N.C. VoIP system, you’ll enjoy:

  • Crystal-clear voice communication
  • Advanced features like call recording, voice to email transcription, and much more
  • Cost savings over expensive phone bills
  • Easy-to-understand dashboards that offer more control than traditional PBX systems
  • Peace of mind knowing you voice system is monitored and maintained by I.N.C. technicians

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